Jessie & Graham- Eagle Rock May 17, 2014

Courtney and I have a lot of blogging to catch you up on, we apologize for being so behind but it’s all for good as we’ve been so busy!


Let’s first start by taking you back to middle of May where we played double-duty as florists and bridesmaids for our beautiful cousin, Jessie.


Jessie was a picture-perfect DIY bride. The details of her day were phenomenal and a Pinterester’s dream. Hand-made bunting, chalkboard signs, candy bars, and everything spoke to who the bride and groom are as a couple… fun, fun, fun! Her colors were mint, mustard yellow with pops of coral.


The wedding was to take place in the Los Angeles community of Eagle Rock, very close to Pasadena. The bride had hired a florist to make the personal pieces of bouquets and boutonnières and at that point hadn’t decided what she wanted to do for centerpieces. It was later in her planning process that she decided to have Breezy Day do her centerpieces.


The plan was to get vases from the Dollar Store, spray paint them mint green and then fill them with flowers! Did I mention that we were going to do 60 of these? 3 per table!


To begin our story of preparing the 60+ centerpiece arrangements for Jessie’s Los Angeles Wedding, we need to set the scene for the days leading up to her big day. Southern California was experiencing a massive heat wave with temperatures in the high 90’s and low 100’s. This is never good news for fresh cut flowers or working conditions when your workshop is in a garage! Since we don’t yet have the luxuries of air conditioned design studios or walk-in refrigerators, I knew that I would need to take special care and planning to keep the flowers fresh and beautiful in such heat.


However, no planning would prepare me for our first big obstacle of the week and that was the massive firestorms that plagued San Diego. The day before I was set to pick up the flowers from the flower market in Carlsbad, we received word that Carlsbad had been completely evacuated and the flower market was closed. This caused immediate anxiety, panic and a sleepless night of tossing and turning but all for naught as the next morning my wholesaler was open and ready for business. A huge sigh of relief for me and thus started my crazy busy day of arranging 60 tiny hand-tied bouquets.

We used a variety of flowers: stock, ranunculas, garden roses, dahlias, mini-poms, monte  casino, billy balls, hypericum berries and dusty miller.



I worked all day, with a 4 hour break to go back to work in the evening and then came back to finish up for the day.


The plan was to set out the day of the rehearsal early. We loaded up the truck with our buckets of flowers and realized that we needed to MacGyver something with the AC to keep it cool in the back of the truck. So we took our grandfather’s advice and bought a dryer vent and duct taped it from the AC to pump the air to the back.


Once on the road we were feeling good! Until we got to Oceanside and traffic came to a stop. The fires in Camp Pendleton had worsened and we were treated to a show of fire trucks flying down the emergency lane and planes flying over-head carrying water. It was truly impressive watching Cal Fire work to fight the firestorm.


When we arrived at the venue site, the Women’s 20th Century Club of Eagle Rock we had 60 painted vases waiting for us and a handful of the world’s best co-bridesmaids to help us out. Before I knew it, we had water in the vases and flowers ready to go with a bunch of tweaking here and there.

IMG_5255 IMG_5252

It was such a special weekend for Courtney and myself. Not only did we have a great time doing the flowers for this special wedding but also we got to spend time with seriously the best bunch of bridesmaids and bride that we could imagine.

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Check out the VLOG we made of the big day!

One thought on “Jessie & Graham- Eagle Rock May 17, 2014

  1. Great blog post! Great video! Gives me a real appreciation for how much work went into it.

    I will always consider you a true hero, Heather, for going above and beyond to make sure we had abundant beautiful fresh-looking bouquets on every table, on the stage, on the fireplace. They brightened up that room with color and nature, and helped the decor to feel so much more complete. That you were able to do this with the heat, with the fires, with the distance, with the time crunch, and the fact that you were also a bridesmaid, is truly amazing. On top of all that, you stayed happy and enthusiastic and full of laughter and fun and support for Jessie for the entire weekend, when you must have been ready to drop! We can never thank you enough… and what an honor to be your first official job for Breezy Day Florals.

    To all you brides-to-be out there or anyone else needing beautiful arrangements– put your faith in my dear niece Heather. She has a very artistic eye, she will come through for you in spades, and will be her lovely cheerful self all the while. While you’re at it, be sure and hire Courtney for coordination services! They are the best, and they really put their hearts into what they do.

    –Jessie’s mom : )

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