Into the Woods… a 2015 Wedding trend.

Hi everyone, Heather here!

Last week I was having a delightful breakfast with one of my great friends at 85 Degrees Bakery (I recommend the Sea Salt Coffee, yumm!!) and of course weddings and flowers were a main topic of conversation. She and I are both Pinterest junkies and scrolling through pins happens on a daily basis. We got onto the subject of current wedding trends based off what we were seeing on Pinterest and what I was hearing from my brides and before I knew it we were so inspired that we were scribbling down notes on a scrap of paper and planning a photoshoot!

It seems as though we have several trends that will be big this year. We’re definitely seeing a return to the classic, even formal with a little bit of glam; but on the same hand we are seeing a lot of brides drawn to the boehemian (think floral crowns and wild, loose bouquets with lots of color). My personal favorite trend however, is what I call “Into the Woods” (or since I’ve been unabashedly listening to Taylor Swift’s new album on repeat, I sing, “Out of the Woods” when I think about it).

Derived from the traditional “rustic” which we’ve been seeing for the past 4 or 5 years now (mason jars, burlap and lace will never go out of style in my book) the woodsy whimsy theme is full of magic in my opinion. Mandatory items for this theme would be: wood stumps, logs, branches, moss, lots of greens and whites with earthy pops of color like the yellow of a billy ball or the vibrant purple of kale and romantic fairy lights.

So after a morning spent at the flower market perusing the inspiring winter blooms such as protea and safari flowers and an afternoon of designing, we excitedly present to you our Into the Woods inspiration…

centerpiece 11

magnolia branches, kale, safari flowers, wax flower and plumosa fern

love protea bouq

protea, juliet garden roses, spray roses, safari flowers, kale and plumosa fern

purple bouq 1

kale, juliet garden roses, safari, lilac, spray roses, clematis, and plumosa

protea bouq

protea, juliet garden roses, hanging amaranthus, kale, spray roses, safari, plumosa and feathers!

floral log 2

protea, lilac, safari, succulents and air plants

By the way, Breezy Day’s very own founder, Courtney Carcioppolo was a pioneer of the Woodsy theme at her wedding in 2012! Tree stumps, from the woods of Mount Shasta lined her aisle. And the trouble we went to back then to find a slab of tree trunk to place her wedding cake on!


Much thanks to my wonderfully inspiring friend, Amanda who took these great pictures. She is the proud new mommy to Kaia the husky puppy who of course needed a floral crown for the day, she’s a natural model!

dog collarIMG_8773

We had so much fun that we plan on doing this again in the near future! Stay tuned for more wedding trends!



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